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Punica Granatum
She pulled a pen out of her garter and said, "Let me handle this."
In Which I Really Start To Wonder WTF Is Wrong With Me 
25th-Jan-2011 10:55 pm
Yes, yes, dearest friends, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! The unveiling of the results of

(Special thanks to Google for showing me how to do sparkle text. I know you're all impressed.)

So, we covered steps one through four in yesterday's post, found here for those of you new to our programme. Tonight, we conclude the experiment. So, without further ado: My findings:

5.) Analyze data:
 The data I gathered was this: I did not have any nightmares that included the usual jolt-awake with fear that nightmares tend to end in. I did have a dream where I was in trapped in a library with a flying German Shepard, which, since I was attacked by such an animal when I was younger, (though it did not fly), might qualify. I wasn't afraid in the dream, and did not wake up from it.
I do not remember any other dreams I had.
6.) Interpret data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis: So, while I didn't have any nightmares, per se, I did have a very very strange dream, even by my standards. I mean, a flying German Shepard? Really, brain? So perhaps pickles do not cause BAD dreams as much as they do STRANGE dreams. I ran another Google search, and found that many people reported similar phenomenon.
7.) Publish Results: That's basically what I'm doing now.
8.) Retest (frequently done by other scientists): I will be re-testing tonight, tho my report won't be quite so grand. If anyone else wants to look into this and retest along with me, you are encouraged to do so!! 

And so brings a close to this chapter of my weirdness. Though with Gally fast approaching, I'm sure another chapter will come to be written very very soon.
26th-Jan-2011 05:22 am (UTC)

You are one of the craziest, most fun people I know.

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