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Punica Granatum

She pulled a pen out of her garter and said, "Let me handle this."

A Little Soldier, A Little Insect.
19 May 1989
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Welcome, one and all to the journal of narritiveliving! I am called by many names, including: Mikey, Susan, Kit Marlowe, Lady, Swan, Shilo, Thyra, Remus, Bella, Avery, Emily, Seven, Ianto, Ramarien, Esme, and Braclets. You can call me just about any of them, but I most like to be called Seven, Shilo, or Esme. I also used to be known as Alquen, Kami, or Seana, but not so much these days.

A Few Facts For You
~loves books, movies, and music
~has a ship (or four) for every fandom.
~makes obscure references, offers no explination
~wears the Blue and the Bronze
~is a history major, minoring in creative writing, with all the geekiness this implies.
~has loads of original and fandom characters living in her head. Has a map hanging on her wall of said headspace. Will post it...one day
~calls herself a Time Lord. This annoys the crap out of friends.
~takes notes when watching films. Is weird like that.
~loves icons, colourbars, banners, and wallpapers

I'm attempting to begin a teaching career, working as a governess (but not like that. I've promised myself if I start dancing with chimney sweeps and sliding down bannisters, that I will beat myself to death with my own poker.) This is what the focus of my journal is. I might throw in some fic if I decide, or if you ask nicely.

My life likes to place me into frequent contact (and often disconcertingly at odds) with elements of a world outside the normal and conventional one. Dealing with bad spelling and mistakes in toilet training provides a strong grounding in reality.

And you know what else is a strong grounding in reality? Comments!

The gorgeous layout I'm using came from layouts_by_me
1789, 1832, absinthe, accents, alan rickman, alexander the great, alice in wonderland, alice/hatter, amelia atwater-rhodes, angels in america, angst, ani difranco, anna and the king, bill compton, bookstores, bordertown, broadway, butterflies, candles, carlisle cullen, carlisle/esme, christopher eccleston, chuck palahniuk, cirque du soliel, criminology, croquet, csi: las vegas, dancing, der tod, discword, discworld, doctor who, dracula, dresses, elisabeth, emilie autumn, emma thompson, esme cullen, esme/carlisle, firefly, fireplace pokers, frank wildehorn, french revolution, gaelic, gary oldman, gay rights, gilmore girls, ginger snaps, good omens, grantaire, grissom sara romance, hannibal lecter, harley quinn, history, holly black, holmes/watson, horatio hornblower, house, house of leaves, humbert humbert, j.r.r. tolkien, jekyll and hyde, jelly babies, jesus christ superstar, jonathan teatime, languages, laura wiess, lawrence of arabia, les amis de l'abc, les misérables, lewis carroll, libba bray, lily holbrook, literature, lolita, lord of the rings, making impassioned speeches, marauder era fanfiction, marc warren, melissa marr, mina harker, mirrormask, much ado about nothing, musical theatre, my chemical romance, neil gaiman, opera, oscar wilde, panic! at the disco, paranormal investigations, period pieces, poetry, pride and prejudice, psychology, queer culture, ravenclaw, reading, remus lupin, repo! the genetic opera, rorschach/nite owl, rozencrantz and guildenstern, sarah jane smith, sarah mclachlan, screenwriting, scrubs, seelie court, sewing, sherlock holmes, shilo/graverobber, sociology, sookie stackhouse, stephen fry, supernatural, susan sto helit, susan sto-helit, sweeney todd, tamora pierce, teatime, terry pratchett, the chronicles of narnia, the dresden files, the gods are thirsty, the history channel, the joker, the joker/harley quinn, the looking glass wars, the scarlet pimpernel, the word "sketchy", thirteen, tim burton, tin man, torchwood, tori amos, true blood, unseelie court, urban fantasy, watching pretty people, watchmen, waycest, wicca, writing, wuthering heights